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How to choose the right size Malawi Chair for you

Posted on August 27 2020

The Traditional Malawi Chair is as authentic as it gets, with its stunning wooden and bamboo frame, and intricately detailed weaving. A truly timeless design, now iconic around the world.

Initially designed as a 1-seater arm chair, the Malawi Chair now comes as a 1-seater, 2-seater and 3-seater (and actually, we have developed a 4-seater that will be arriving before Christmas!!).

The original Malawi Chair was the open-weave design, which features sections of plaiting and a criss-cross pattern on the front section and the lower part of the seat back. The more recently introduced closed-weave design has a solid, enclosed weave throughout the whole chair.

So which Malawi Chair is right for you?

The hand-made nature of Malawi Chairs, the unique talking point they provide and their timeless shape and style mean they are a great choice for any space. But which size is best for your space, needs and lifestyle?

Below we take you through the different sizes and provide a few pointers to help you decide. If you still have any questions at all, please email us at

Malawi Cane Traditional 1,2 or 3-seater

Traditional 1-seater Malawi Chair

The original and most iconic Malawi Chair is the 1-seater. The 1-seaters are great in dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, outdoor areas and even bathrooms! Because they are quite light, the 1-seaters are very easy to move around your home – so they provide flexibility in seating arrangements throughout the house.

One of the most popular uses for the 1-seaters is as dining chairs – especially for leisurely, relaxed get-togethers. The space around you when you’re sitting in a Malawi Chair (because of the curved shape of the back and sides) means you can easily lean back, turn to one side, rest your arms, curl up your legs, cross your legs,… even eat with your elbows sticking out! The space within their chair itself provides plenty of ‘personal space’ that make long, leisurely dining a breeze.

This also means when planning space around your dining table, you don’t need to allow room between the chairs. The space within the chair itself provides all the room each diner needs.

Cote Interiors @ La Casa Bianca, Newport

Traditional 2-seater Malawi Chair

The next size up, in the Malawi Chair ‘family’ is the 2-seater, affectionately known as the Love Seat. Of course, that depends on whether you want to share the space. It’s a perfect size to curl up in on your own, with a good book and a coffee (or wine).

Often used in living rooms as a small couch/sofa, the 2-seater – much like the 1-seater – provides flexible seating as it can easily be moved around. The 2-seater is also often used at events including weddings, creating a relaxed vibe, extra character and a great talking point.

Pairing a 2-seater with a couple of 1-seaters makes a gorgeous outdoor setting.


Traditional 3-seater Malawi Chair

Oh, the magnificent 3-seater. She is an absolute stunner in any space. There is truly no need for any fancy or fussy styling with the 3-seater Malawi Chair. It speaks for itself, with its unique lines and understated elegance.

We love the 3-seater as a feature piece in a lounge room – paired with neutral fabric sofas, the texture and warmth of the 3-seater is a magical addition. We’ve also seen it work beautifully as a feature piece at events, and it’s a great photo prop.

The Traditional 3-seater is around 143cm long (almost 1.5 metres) – so it works well in spaces with a bit of room around, where it can really shine and make a statement.

Image via Natalie Walton

Traditional Closed-Weave

The closed-weave Malawi Chair is a relatively new addition to the Traditional Malawi Chair range. The closed-weave produces a solid surface all over the chair – creating the feeling of a more substantial, yet cosy chair.

The closed-weave style is available in all three Malawi Chair sizes – and in our opinion? Looks amazing in any size!

Share your Malawi Chairs

We’d love to see how you use and style your Malawi Chairs – tag us on socials @malawicane_au

If you’d like further advice or have any questions at all, please email us at


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