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Malawi Cane

Traditional Giant Pendant

A super-size take on our Traditional Pendant - up to 2.1m in diameter!  

Suited to large atriums, hallways, verandahs or over an incredible kitchen island.  Creates impact as a stand-alone centre-piece; or group together as a set fo 3 or 5 in similar or range of colours for huge wow-factor. 

Available in our full range of colours - or speak to us about a customised option!

Size options:

Super: 120cm diam x 95cm high

Giant:  210cm diam x 95cm high


Style options:

Closed Weave - solid enclosed design

Open Weave - add a band of the infamous Malawi X-weave just above the rim (similar to our standard size Traditional Pendants.


Image of Super in Raw: with thanks to Country Homes & Interiors Magazine UK


PRODUCT IMPERFECTIONS CAN OCCUR: For more information on our celebrated product imperfections, please read our Blog post "Perfectly Imperfect - no two are the same".

PRE-ORDER TIMINGS UPDATE AT 01/04/22: If you're colour selection is a pre-order, please note that our next incoming container has already sold out, and next available stock will be on containers due in July 2022.

IN-STOCK ITEMS: Will be dispatched within 2 business days of receipt of order.

LARGE ITEM NOTICE: Since 2020 with the arrival of the Covid-19 global pandemic, we no longer keep these large items of furniture in stock in Sydney.  Large items will need to be placed on back order to arrive on a future container - an estimated 12 to 16 week delivery time to you in Australia.  You can still shop this order online here, and the team will be in touch with you to advise estimated delivery time for your customer order.

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